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Safety cushion: The term safety cushion refers to the difference between a portfolio's actual value and the minimum available return that triggers the contingent immunization strategy. Variation margin: Variation margin is the fund required to get an investor's trading account up to the margin level during market fluctuations. By definition, security analysts analyse financial statements, interview corporate executives, and attend trade shows, in order to write reports recommending either purchasing, selling, or holding of various shares. Documentary stamps: A form of tax in some states requires a revenue stamp to be affixed to documents which are used for transferring title to real property. A holding period refers to the expected amount of time for which an investor holds on to an investment. Department of Veteran Affairs. These appointed individuals in turn ensure that the core values and purposes of the organization are reflected in the operation process. This corresponds to the par value of the convertible security divided by the conversion ratio.

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Initial public offering is when a business entity offers a share of its ownership to the public for the first time. The fall back is seen as a reversal of the prevailing upward trend and a signal of slight pause in the upward momentum. In the uncommitted facility, the institution lending the credit is under no restriction regarding the same. Holding company: A holding company is one which owns the shares of some other company, thus eliminating a measure of risk and also controlling the ownership and management of the companies whose shares they own. Accounts payable: This standard accounting term used across all businesses refers to the liabilities or the bills to be paid as part of the normal course of business. Institutionalization: The improvisation performed by institutional investors on the financial markets as opposed to the individual investors. September 24, 1869 was deemed a Black Friday in the pages of stock market history because of a catastrophic stock market crash. Importance of Data and Information Accounting data or information is used by a number of people, such as government officials, investors, and creditors. Indicated dividend: The dividend paid on the share of stock over the period of a year provided the dividend amount is the same as the previous payment or the most recent dividend payment.